An editorial commission for Afisha magazine online publication Vozduh. This weekly commission continued for over a year and a half resulting in over 70 sets of images, both still and animated.
A weekly brief would be an set of illustrations for a chapter from a newly published book.

The overall process was rather challenging as each set needed to be produced within 1-2 days.
But at the same time it gave me a great opportunity to experiment and find visual solutions for each specific piece of literature.

A full list of published illustrations can be found here.

{image 7}
A set of illustrations commissioned for a number of features for The Blueprint online magazine.
Subject: 70's fashion

See them in action: http://theblueprint.ru/plant-issue

A set of posters for an event by Adidas — a store and showroom opening in Moscow.
Limited edition of 100 each.

A small illustration commissioned by The New York Times
and printed in the newspaper that never reached my post-box.

A series of gif animations for a perfume review article.
Sorry for the compression - please refer to the original post following the link below.
Published version can be found here: http://www.interviewrussia.ru/beauty/martovskiy-obzor-aromatov-0
Art direction: Mariya Brish